NBA suspension season causes NBA 2K20 to collapse

  • This is some unexpected collateral damage caused by the Coronavirus pandemic: NBA 2K20 continues to simulate games until it eventually collapses under its own processing pressure. But many players are still looking for a reasonable NBA 2K20 MT, because everyone chooses video games.

    Recently, the NBA has suspended the season indefinitely due to a corona virus outbreak. Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. Soon after, one of Gobert's teammates also tested positive. Considering that the coronavirus leaves the victim asymptomatic during the incubation period, if the game is long, the Jazz players may be infected, of course, there may already be players in the incubation period.

    In the United States, the domino of sports has rapidly decreased. NHL also suspended the game today. It is worth noting that the NBA and NHL share many facilities throughout North America, so an outbreak in one player group could affect both leagues. Major League Baseball has temporarily suspended operations. The NCAA canceled the basketball game. The United States basically does not exist sports.

    Obviously, this extends to video games. With the suspension of the NBA season, NBA 2K20 has no idea how to explain that previously scheduled games are no longer scheduled. But the culprit this time is the NBA Today model, which allows you to start a new franchise model from the exact day in reality. However, when launching the game, NBA Today will try to simulate a non-existent game and spiral it up, eventually causing the game to crash.

    This is totally reminiscent of the WWE 2K20 bug that caused the game to crash when played in 2020. Obviously, it is foreseeable that the year will change at the end of December. The plight of NBA 2K20 is unpredictable. If a season is cancelled due to a global virus outbreak, it's extremely unlikely, why should developers maintain something in their games? Anyway, it may be patched soon, but that doesn't mean there will be simulation games. However, players can play NBA 2K20 online games, as long as they are ready for Buy NBA 2K20 MT, they will not be affected by the corona virus.