Path of Exile's "Dream" Update Crazy Content Released Today on

  • Hello everyone! Nick Here is a game designer at Grinding Gear Games. We just launched Delirium, our latest Path of Exile extension and challenge alliance. In the Delirium Challenge Alliance, players will encounter flashing illusions around the world, and when approaching these illusions, a flowing mist will be released. The mist is moving outwards, and if you can keep up with it, you will face horrible new enemies who will lose huge POE Currency rewards when they are defeated.

    My job at Grinding Gear is usually to take a set of game mechanics and rewards and find a story or theme that can unify them. Delirium has always been one of the most interesting projects because the theme is indestructible and opens up many possibilities.

    Throughout the history of Path of Exile, we have repeatedly mentioned madness. Like crazy Niko (if no name is given) and hostile characters in World Atlas show varying degrees of paranoia and delusion. Things such as the Insbury Sword will play to the player's perception of the game world by causing abnormal behavior (for example, your character will fall to the ground from something that doesn't seem to exist, but just pops up ... but Keep the body on the ground time!). But we have never tackled madness on such a wide scale and are therefore closely related to player behavior. We also never really made madness a part of gameplay. Usually, it just tastes a little bit. We need to make sure that the crazy-centric alliance is different.

    In addition to the new monsters that emerged while traveling in the fog, the behavior of the monsters already there may also be ... different. The so-called "different" means that they may shrink into two halves, and a terrifying entity appears and attacks you before returning to the original monster. Maybe you just imagined it.

    Earlier, when you approached and activated the Delirium mechanic, you heard whispers and phrases. Very disturbing. But when the deli begins to really show its charm, it won't be as disturbing as you'll hear later. You may start to hear sound. What these voices say is not always helpful. It's up to the player (player) to decide what's real, what's crazy and what's in between.

    Path of Exile's passive trees are notorious for their size and complexity. A few years ago, we added POE Orbs, allowing players to customize passive trees. Delirium is adding new POE Orbs, these jewelry can not only customize the tree, but also add to the tree. Some of these jewels will even let you add more. Even those that may be scalable ... you might even say that these choices ... are crazy.

    Of course, the cooked food league doesn't happen in a vacuum. Like all our updates, Delirium contains new skills, projects, and countless other improvements and additions.

    Now that Delirium is here, I hope you can join us because it will definitely be fun. I know I'm going to play and watch other players react to all the strange performances they will see and hear!