Madden 21: Blockade in EA Sports' next title must be more reali

  • The NFL season is over, but Madden 21 and next-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X are about to appear. We are researching things that we want EA Sports to focus on improving the next part of the historic franchise game.

    There is no doubt that Madden 20 is a big step forward and a great improvement on Madden 19. But for each game, there are always certain areas in the game that go from full OP to the opposite, and vice versa. Developers often go too far in response to player questions, and the blocking mechanism in Madden 20 is obvious. This may need the help of MUT Coins, of course, this is not a bad thing.

    EA Sports hopes to resolve the frustration encountered by many Madden players with Madden 20. They introduced deeper statistics to gauge the player's ability. But they also did some experimental proofs.

    Madden School takes control of the Denver Broncos and enters training mode with an OL consisting entirely of spare QBs.

    They are both rated at a minimum of 12 OVR. Weak, small, and comparable to factor X pass Von Miller, they provide an average of 2.44 seconds of protection for QB. This is the baseboard. Their starting OL in the middle of the NFL did the same thing again. They protected 2.40 seconds for QB on average. Granted, the record time for the starter OL is the longest, 3.11 seconds, but you would expect to see a different fact and this would not give the player frustration.

    They mentioned: "In our brief test of the running game, the rating of the offensive winger actually seems to be important, but we never test it thoroughly."

    For current gamers, it prioritizes priorities in your MUT and franchise activities. There seems to be no need to spend a lot of money in both models in order to get top OL. This may completely change your strategy.

    For Madden 21, this is a signal from EA Sports, they need to check the mechanism and how this will be reflected in OL AI blocking. This is difficult because this is the only place that you as a user cannot control.

    People have always welcomed the influx of new technologies, such as dual team blockades, IDs to identify Mike and blockade directions, but this test shows that more work is needed.

    Also be careful not to step back too far and go back to a place like Madden 19 where it is difficult to move the ball without the Hall of Fame OL. Madden 21 only needs to find a balance between the two. Before the new season comes, players can prepare Buy Madden Coins. In order to better integrate into the new season, this is my more sincere suggestion.