POE's 2020 expansion: Delirium is extremely playable and repeat

  • For those keen on ARPGs like Diablo III, this may be the first good news they've heard in the new year. The developer of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games, announced that the studio will release the first extension of POE in 2020 on March 13. PC players can complete the update and enter the game experience new content as soon as possible, while the PS4 and Xbox One platforms Players will only receive notification of updates after March 16.


    As a free ARPG, every new development of POE can always surprise players, which is why POE has been regarded as the most successful ARPG by players around the world in the past few years. The development team knows what players want most, and their job is to turn POE Items what these players expect into reality and add it to the game.


    Overall, the main purpose of this update is to provide even more dangerous challenges for high-level players. After the update is complete, a new item called Delirium Mirror will appear in a random area on the map. In fact, this is a secret entrance, and any player who enters the entrance will get Delirium status. Afterwards, a thick fog will spread around the map with the Delirium Mirror as the center. You will find some unknown creatures on the map that are different from ordinary monsters. They are the deepest fear of your character. In this way, the system can create challenging game scenarios for players. If you are a beginner of POE, don't worry, the difficulty of the game in this mode will be dynamically adjusted according to the character's combat effectiveness.


    The monsters that show up in Delirium spawn their very own demons which might be extra powerful, as the regular monsters get buffs that produce them even deadlier. Additionally, the impact of the delirium affect every encounter, including bosses, so players should expect a much bigger challenge. New season of POE is coming, to get a better begining, you should buy some cheap Path of Exile Currency and POE Items. I suggest you to buy safe and cheap POE Currency from MMOAH, their professinal team will deliver your POE Items as fast as they can!


    One with the major draws on the Delirium expansion is that it makes Path of Exile more replayable laptop or computer already was. The delirium effects also map to every one previous League content, in order to re-visit encounters from the new, more difficult perspective.


    Another major change visiting Path of Exile together with the new update could be the new "cluster jewels" that may be found in the Delirium league. These jewels may be placed on sockets of the skill tree to make additional passive skill groups that could each contain more sockets. According to Grinding Gear founder Chris Wilson, this may be the biggest switch to the level of control and customization you've got over your character since Ascendancy classes were incorporated 2016.