In the new POE expansion, you'll be able to enjoy Tower-Defense

  • Over the past year, the momentum of Grinding Gear Games' progress has remained strong. As the developer of the world's most popular free ARPG Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games continues to provide players with more interesting new content and has a large number of loyal fans around the world.


    In a recent interview, the developer of the studio introduced the development plan of POE in the new year, while leaking some news related to the next major update. According to the developers, in the upcoming Blight, players will usher in a new tower defense mode for the first time. But before that, players must have enough patience to complete a number of pre-missions. In this mode, players can get a lot of loot every time they successfully defend against enemy attacks. Some unique POE Items loot can also make your character more powerful.


    In the process of developing new extensions, developers conducted in-depth research on other extensions that have been released. They need to judge what content is worth retaining and what needs to be modified to become better based on player feedback. Not only that, designers also introduced new task lines for the expansion. When the series of missions is completed, qualified players will be able to obtain high-value loot. New season of POE is coming, to get a better begining, you should buy some cheap POE Currency and POE Items. I suggest you to buy safe and cheap POE Currency from MMOAH, their professinal team will deliver your POE Items as fast as they can!


    Just before its reveal, we have an early glance at the new content, which releases on September 6 for PC, and also on PS4 and Xbox One September 9. The Blight update introduces a whole new storyline involving an NPC named Sister Cassia who tasks players to Buy POE Currency repel the encroaching corruption that's taken root around the globe. To fight off these waves of monsters, you'll want to construct complex machines to assist stem the tide. According to your developers, the intent of those Blight encounters should be to offer players an opportunity to take on bite-sized events that could open up entry to better loot. The reward for clearing these fights are items called Oils, which often can buff existing gear and provide new items for the character.


    As is tradition, the modern expansion will even introduce a different suite of quality-of-life changes. These include revamps to your Atlas of Worlds questing system, new class and skill tweaks, as well as some fixes working on league play. Following the reception from previous expansions, the developers planned to focus on letting players go through the game at their particular pace, and tackle events inside order they desire.